“Shoes are a lot more than only just shoes!”

Shoe care products are an essential part of your shoe wardrobe. To maintain your shoe, you need to invest few hundred bucks in shoe care products i.e., a shoe polish, conditioner, cleaner, deo and a brush. Shoe tree is another accessory that you could have in your closet. It will keep a proper shape of your shoe and will prevent developing creases. In this post, I’ll detail out the different products available from Woly which is a must-have for your suede, synthetic, smooth leather shoes and boots.

About Woly

Woly was founded by Adolf Sutter in 1861. He setup a shop in Oberhofen, Switzerland and started manufacturing shoe polish – with success. The Swiss-based company specializes in shoes care by formulating products with proved efficiency. In 1931, shoe care products were launched under the brand name Woly. Woly has created wide variety of products to cover all aspects of leather care: cleaning, conditioning, polishing, waterproofing and color refreshing. In 1991, a German shoe-care company Melvo GmbH has acquired Woly copyrights. Since then, it’s quality made in Germany.


Woly Combi Cleaner

Woly combi cleaner is an excellent cleaning product that cleans and freshens up color of the shoe. It removes dirt, salt, water and other tough stains from the shoe. To use it, put the cleaning foam on a sponge and then gently apply it all around the shoe. It can be used for all smooth, suede and synthetic leather.

Price: 225 Rs.

You can buy it from amazon. Woly Combi Cleaner



Woly Shoe Cream

It’s a conditioning cream for all kinds of smooth leather. When you use shoe frequently, it puts lot of strain on your shoe. Dust and other environmental factor make them loose their shine. Woly shoe cream brings back the shoe shine and color. Besides cleaning, it also removes water, dirt, oil and other stains from the shoe and makes it water repellent.

Price: 200 Rs.

You can buy it from here: Woly Shoe Cream




Woly Fashion Leather Cream

It’s a high-quality shoe polish for smooth leather. It is primarily aimed for shining. It has medium effect on color refreshing and water-proofing and light effect on cleaning.

Price: 225 Rs.

You can buy it from here: Woly Fashion Leather Cream


Fashion leather cream

Natura Bio Fresh (Green Apple)

It’s a shoe deo containing high quality natural ingredients which promotes shoe hygiene and neutralizes any unpleasant odour.

Price: 449 Rs.

You can buy this from: Natura Bio Fresh


Overall Rating: 4/5

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