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Face Toner – Rice Water Skin Toner & Cleanser

Rice water has been used for centuries by Asian countries as a gentle face cleanser and skin toner. In this post, I will take a look at use of rice water for face cleaning and as a skin toner. It contain some essential vitamins and minerals which help in tightening of skin and get rid of open pores on face.

Rice water helps your skin making it firm, smooth and radiant. It also reduces redness of acne scars. Presence of anti-oxidants in rice water help in removing fine lines on your face and slow down aging process.


Did You Know: Coffee Is Good For Your Skin


So, you know coffee is good for you. Here is a secret which you don’t know…Coffee is good for your skin too. Coffee is an antioxidant which means it is known for rejuvenating your aging skin cells, making your skin fresh, young and energized instantly. It also increases the blood circulation in your skin which gives a natural and healthy glow to your face. Coffee bean extract also protects your face from harmful UV radiation as well.