iron shirt

Do some preparation – If you using a steam iron, make sure your iron is filled with water ideally a night before you start. Keep a spray bottle of distilled water on hand if you don’t have much time. Give the shirt a good damp by misting it all around and on collars and then do the ironing job to eliminate creases and wrinkles.

Go easy on collars – You have to take every precaution while ironing the collar. You should always do the ironing job from back of the collar and cuffs and never from the front.

Iron shoulders, cuffs and sleeves – Each shoulder should be placed around the edge of the board, and then iron from inside. Similarly, sleeve and cuff should be straightened before iron to smooth out any creases.

Finish it off – Now, it’s time to focus on front part of your shirt. It’s the most noticeable part of your shirt and should be done in the last. Also, you should be very careful ironing around buttons. Take the left side of the front part of your shirt and do smoothing and ironing.

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