Hey guyz, this is my new post on a perfume gift set (ZARA Man Silver & ZARA UOMO EDT Natural Spray) which I’ve got from my sister-in-law. Once again, I’m here to review the both silver and UOMO fragrances.

Zara Man Silver by Zara is a Citrus aromatic fragrance for men. The fragrance features lime, lemon, mandarin orange, ginger and cedar. Its main accord is citrus. I personally liked fragrance as its powerful and long lasting around 6-7 hours.

When the sun beats down from the cloudless blue sky and between the trunks of the trees, the citrus fragrance is the way to go. This perfume is suited for summer season. Fruity, floral and citrus are more suited for the day. You should go out and apply this perfume in day time.

Zara Man Uomo by Zara is an Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. The fragrance features mandarin orange, pepper, nutmeg and amber.

The top notes of both silver and uomo are very strong. I’m somewhat less fond of spicy fragrance of Uomo.




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