Did You Know: Eating An Apple Turns Off Your Hunger Alert


What fills us up? How can you cut your calories without feeling hungry? Scientists are trying to understand what makes us feel less hungry. Apples have been found to produce a hormone called GLP-1 in the body which turns off the hunger alerts in your brain. According to a research carried by University of Iowa, the participants in a study ate 15 percent fewer calories after eating Apple before they consumed their biggest meal of the day.

Woly: Woly Combi Cleaner, Fashion Leather Cream, Shoe Cream, Natura Bio Fresh Review


“Shoes are a lot more than only just shoes!”

Shoe care products are an essential part of your shoe wardrobe. To maintain your shoe, you need to invest few hundred bucks in shoe care products i.e., a shoe polish, conditioner, cleaner, deo and a brush. Shoe tree is another accessory that you could have in your closet. It will keep a proper shape of your shoe and will prevent developing creases. In this post, I’ll detail out the different products available from Woly which is a must-have for your suede, synthetic, smooth leather shoes and boots.

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Did You Know: Traditional Writing Using Pen Is Better Than Writing On Smartphone


If you’re tempted to work on your commute, drop the smartphone and pick up a pen, instead. If you need a report that needs word processing, write the first couple of paragraphs on paper and you’ll notice how much better you can focus. It engages the creative side of your brain, firing extra neurons and creating more pathways for you to use. Even if you throw it away, it’s better for your day than drafting 10 emails on your smartphone. Nothing can replicate the beauty of holding a pen and slowly gliding down on a piece of paper. It just feels good in your hand.

Top 5 sites to buy Slogan T-Shirts Online in India


Fashion in today’s era has no bars and no end. Every passing day, we witness uniqueness in fashion and style of wearable products. The trend of slogan t-shirts have been in fashion from quite a long span. These are the best clothing items to be worn in college or some light gatherings. You can find massive collection in slogan T-shirts in the market. Moreover any new slogan that is getting much fame can be found at the t-shirts. The very common example of most liked slogan on the t-shirt is “Baba ji ka thullu” that is highly popular dialog being used at most liked show on T.V “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. Moreover these T-shirts can also be used for days like Independence Day etc, when everyone can wear same t-shirts with a print of “Happy Independence Day” on it.

ZARA Winter Fall Trend: A Day At The Fort

Hi guys, this is my new outfit post. Wishing you guys a wonderful new year 2015. Well, I celebrated my new year in one of the cities of Rajasthan, Udaipur also known as ‘City of Lakes’. It’s a famous tourist destination apart from its history, scenic beauty and culture. Udaipur is surrounded by Aravalli hills with beautiful lakes and forts that speak our glorious tradition. After, travelling for around 14 hrs (700 km west from Delhi), we reached Udaipur. In the afternoon, we decided to set a time to relax in the mesmerizing lakes, spending time in forts, clicking photos of mighty palaces, hills and last but not the least of outfit :P. So now, without wasting time, let’s dive into the details of the outfit which I’m wearing here.

Did You Know: Listening To Your Favorite Music Boosts Performance


Invest in a good quality headphone. It will help you to organize your thoughts for the day. Listening to your favorite music releases compound endorphins (by the central nervous system and pituitary gland) in your blood stream boosting your mood. According to a research carried out by scientists from Keele University, “By playing their favorite tunes, we found that participants’ exertion levels reduced and their sense of being ‘in the zone’ increased, when compared to listening to no music at all. The greatest effects were found for music used during training”.

Did You Know: Coconut And Apricot Oil Are Best Moisturizers


Moisturizers are a must-have for winters. The market is flooded with a variety of options; however coconut and apricot oil are considered the most effective options. Most of the moisturizers contain lots of water, perfumes and added chemicals which feel like skin is moisturized but as soon as water dries; your skin becomes dry again. To avoid dry skin, use coconut oil for the body and drink lots of water to keep body hydrated.

River Island Crew Neck Full Sleeve Fox Print Sweater Review

Hey guyz, I’m back with a new post on review. If you’re feeling extra daring this season, why not try combining the prints on your knitwear. Today, I’m going to review a crew neck full sleeve fox printed sweater from River Island.


This navy blue colored chunky sweater is designed for men who believe in casual and comfortable dressing style. Made from cotton rich fabric, this sweater is fine in quality and soft against your skin. It carries fox print all around the sweater.

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Did You Know: Sweating Increases Weight Loss Is A Myth


If you think winters is a speed bump to your weight loss regime because you don’t sweat enough in winters, here’s some good news. It is not! “Winter is the best season to lose weight”. To lose weight, you need to burn fat by reducing caloric intake, exercising more, or a combination of both moderate eating and exercise. It does not really matter if you sweat or not, fat loss will anyway happen if you’re doing an early morning exercise.

Also, your body needs some water to burn fat. When you sweat too much, you release enough water from the body making it to adjust first for its dehydration by retaining water.

Did You Know: Frequent Access To Emails And Smartphones Could Be Hazardous To Health


Turn off your smartphone on schedule. People who stop reading emails and checking their phone at a set time each evening sleep better than those who don’t put limits in place, according to a Northern Illinois University study. There are further researches which show that if people know you are busy, they will leave you alone. If we email someone back immediately, the message it sends is we are available all the time. You need to put a deadline which will help you detaching from the work psychologically.