Every fragrance smells differently from one person to another person. When we apply it on our skin, it goes through a series of chemical reactions and due to different body odour, reaction with our skin results in a different smell which creates unique mark of identity. How will you decide which cologne is matching with your skin type? Here are some basics that you can use as a rule of thumb while choosing the right perfume before going into the nitty-gritty of it. Every perfume has three notes (top, heart/middle and base) that create perfume’s fragrant accord.

While you’re at store, pick your perfumes and spray a sample of each on your hand. Let’s smell the cologne; this is first note of the scent known as ‘top note’. This is the first impression of scent. Wait for 15-20 min, and then smell it again, this is middle note or ‘heart note’. After an hour or so when middle note dissipates (vary from one scent to another), smell again. This is base note. In some cases, base note last a day. When you’re happy with all three notes, you’re good to go.


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