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River Island Crew Neck Full Sleeve Fox Print Sweater Review

Hey guyz, I’m back with a new post on review. If you’re feeling extra daring this season, why not try combining the prints on your knitwear. Today, I’m going to review a crew neck full sleeve fox printed sweater from River Island.


This navy blue colored chunky sweater is designed for men who believe in casual and comfortable dressing style. Made from cotton rich fabric, this sweater is fine in quality and soft against your skin. It carries fox print all around the sweater.

About River Island



Fashion Trend: Bird Printed Shirts and Tees

Nothing gives you the adorable feel than prints. The bold pattern on your shirts and tees generate plenty of visual interest and reveal that you don’t mind having fun.

Basic rule to follow is to dress them by keeping the other half neutral. The louder bird prints on your tees can give you a company when you’re out holidaying. The inspiration behind this design was meant to replicate what birds look like when they fly. As a human, we dream of the liberty that having wings would bring.



Danish label Minimum Clothing Bird Printed Tees



November 1st Week Outfit

Well, this is my first outfit post. I’m bit lazy taking my own pictures. Today, I’ve given off time to write my first post on it. The inspiration came from one of my friends who advised me to post about OOTD recently. smile

On friday, I joined the brand Superdry. Brand has started in 2003 and after that its stocks rocketed high and it became most successful brand. I’m wearing Superdry classic men’s workwear crew neck t-shirt with a ‘Superdry Union Workwear Supplies’ logo on it. Along with that, I own a black skinny jeans from Zara. I always find difficulty in selecting jeans, as they always seem to never feel quite right. I decided to visit one of the Zara store and trying on their jeans was the best things I’ve ever done. The fit is just perfect for me laugh

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is around the corner. The last day of the month of the October serves as the celebration for the holiday known as Halloween. Regardless of age, people take pleasure on this day and celebrate it by dressing up and donning one of a kind consumes of their choosing. It gives you a chance to be anyone you want to be though temporarily.

If you’re looking for halloween costume ideas, below are some of the best ideas.

heidi-klumHeidi Klum dresses up on halloween day in egyptian queen Cleopatra costume.

georgia-may-jagger-dead-loversFashionable skeleton print halloween costume

Leather Oxford Blucher Dress Shoe from Zara

Shoes are and forever will be the most important fashion item that you buy. If you’ve quality shoes in your closet, you won’t have to think buying new pair for years. As you’re going to wear a pair over that extended period, they’ll have to be timeless in their style. Oxfords are lace-up formal leather shoes that were worn in 17th century by college men. They’ve never gone out of fashion and became so popular that nowadays, modern oxford shoes are constructed from suede or synthetic materials and can be paired with jeans, chinos or even shorts apart from formal trousers.

Basics 029 Casual Plain Green Mint Shirt Review

What will happen if we all are dressed alike? True the world would be a boring place. Every man walking on the street will be wearing same old conventional cloth. There are people who try to copy a look or buy things after seeing styler’s lookbook. For those, who really want to personalise their style, I would suggest adding Basics 029 brand in their wardrobe. Today I’m going to review Casual Plain Green Mint Shirt from Basics 029.

About Basics 029

Shop Online: ZARA iPhone and Android App


If I’m interested in a product of some brand, I might want to know the kind of material it is made from, what sizes it is available in, the price, at what price it is available and, the place, at which outlet the product is available. These questions come up when you shop.

Imagine, if you have a application which gives you all the details about the product, you will not only have fun but you’ll have online shopping at your fingertip!.

With ZARA mobile application, you can enjoy the latest in fashion for women, men and kids. Also, you can find online ZARA new arrivals, Lookbook, Campaign and more weekly contents.

ZARA Rubberised City Shoe

Good fit is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a new footwear. There’s no point in buying a shoe that will pinch your toes and cramp your feet all day long. Most of time, we put an extra effort to find a pair of shoes that feel not only great on your feet but it shouldn’t swell your feet up over the course of the day, because of the hours of walking and standing. So, you look for a shoe which is comfortable throughout the day.