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Outfit Of The Day: Travel Style

It has been a while since I’ve made an outfit posting of the day. These pictures are from my last trip to Lansdowne located in Uttaranchal. Taking your own car on holidays and travel is always adventurous and enjoyable experience. You don’t have to wait and waste your valuable time in taxi and local buses. My DSLR is second most essential item when I backpack for travel. These pictures were taken with my Canon DSLR 700D.

Outfit Detail

T-shirt – Burton
Jeans – River Island
Shoe – ZARA
Bracelet – Fashion Punk Blue Leather Bracelet

Steps To A Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt

iron shirt

Do some preparation – If you using a steam iron, make sure your iron is filled with water ideally a night before you start. Keep a spray bottle of distilled water on hand if you don’t have much time. Give the shirt a good damp by misting it all around and on collars and then do the ironing job to eliminate creases and wrinkles.

Go easy on collars – You have to take every precaution while ironing the collar. You should always do the ironing job from back of the collar and cuffs and never from the front.

Street Style: Lakme Fashion Week 2015

Lakme Fashion Week is India’s one of premier fashion event which takes place every year first in Feb-March and in Aug. Different designers, stylists and bloggers across the country come up with street style looks. Oversized clothing, ripped jeans, high-waisted skirts, summer dresses and chunky accessories have hit the street in this Summer Resort Street Style Lakme Fashion Week.

Perfume Gift Set: ZARA Man Silver & ZARA UOMO EDT Natural Spray

Hey guyz, this is my new post on a perfume gift set (ZARA Man Silver & ZARA UOMO EDT Natural Spray) which I’ve got from my sister-in-law. Once again, I’m here to review the both silver and UOMO fragrances.

Zara Man Silver by Zara is a Citrus aromatic fragrance for men. The fragrance features lime, lemon, mandarin orange, ginger and cedar. Its main accord is citrus. I personally liked fragrance as its powerful and long lasting around 6-7 hours.

How to choose the right perfume?

Every fragrance smells differently from one person to another person. When we apply it on our skin, it goes through a series of chemical reactions and due to different body odour, reaction with our skin results in a different smell which creates unique mark of identity. How will you decide which cologne is matching with your skin type? Here are some basics that you can use as a rule of thumb while choosing the right perfume before going into the nitty-gritty of it. Every perfume has three notes (top, heart/middle and base) that create perfume’s fragrant accord.

Retro Style Hindi Cinema Fashion: Mumtaz Style

The Hindi film industry has delighted audiences for decades with its colorful costumes, a dress — known as ‘filmi’ which is flashy, excessive, or revealing, and frequently all of three. Whether its Raj Kapoor wearing iconic costume in ‘Shree 420’ or Jeetendra wearing white bell bottoms in ‘Humjoli’, to Neetu Singh wearing kick-ass boots and 70’s style jacket in ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’, the Hindi film fraternity has given some unique style that not only became a trendsetter but it has touched the hearts of millions of people in India and across the globe.

Bring Some Changes In Your Life To Get Fashion And Stylish Appearance

Fashion And Stylish Appearance

Each and every person need to get very modern and stylish glance among the people, because fashion is very essential one in this modern world. So that reason, many people can search more news, tips and articles regarding the fashion. The people, who want to appear very stylish and fashionable glance, they should bring some changes in their daily lifestyle. This may assist to provide fashion and modern look to the people. Better you have to meet the people, who are working with fashion related centers. They give lots of tips about the fashion.

Significance Of Beauty And Wardrobe

Woly: Woly Combi Cleaner, Fashion Leather Cream, Shoe Cream, Natura Bio Fresh Review


“Shoes are a lot more than only just shoes!”

Shoe care products are an essential part of your shoe wardrobe. To maintain your shoe, you need to invest few hundred bucks in shoe care products i.e., a shoe polish, conditioner, cleaner, deo and a brush. Shoe tree is another accessory that you could have in your closet. It will keep a proper shape of your shoe and will prevent developing creases. In this post, I’ll detail out the different products available from Woly which is a must-have for your suede, synthetic, smooth leather shoes and boots.

About Woly

Top 5 sites to buy Slogan T-Shirts Online in India


Fashion in today’s era has no bars and no end. Every passing day, we witness uniqueness in fashion and style of wearable products. The trend of slogan t-shirts have been in fashion from quite a long span. These are the best clothing items to be worn in college or some light gatherings. You can find massive collection in slogan T-shirts in the market. Moreover any new slogan that is getting much fame can be found at the t-shirts. The very common example of most liked slogan on the t-shirt is “Baba ji ka thullu” that is highly popular dialog being used at most liked show on T.V “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. Moreover these T-shirts can also be used for days like Independence Day etc, when everyone can wear same t-shirts with a print of “Happy Independence Day” on it.

ZARA Winter Fall Trend: A Day At The Fort

Hi guys, this is my new outfit post. Wishing you guys a wonderful new year 2015. Well, I celebrated my new year in one of the cities of Rajasthan, Udaipur also known as ‘City of Lakes’. It’s a famous tourist destination apart from its history, scenic beauty and culture. Udaipur is surrounded by Aravalli hills with beautiful lakes and forts that speak our glorious tradition. After, travelling for around 14 hrs (700 km west from Delhi), we reached Udaipur. In the afternoon, we decided to set a time to relax in the mesmerizing lakes, spending time in forts, clicking photos of mighty palaces, hills and last but not the least of outfit :P. So now, without wasting time, let’s dive into the details of the outfit which I’m wearing here.