Month: December 2014

Did You Know: Listening To Your Favorite Music Boosts Performance


Invest in a good quality headphone. It will help you to organize your thoughts for the day. Listening to your favorite music releases compound endorphins (by the central nervous system and pituitary gland) in your blood stream boosting your mood. According to a research carried out by scientists from Keele University, “By playing their favorite tunes, we found that participants’ exertion levels reduced and their sense of being ‘in the zone’ increased, when compared to listening to no music at all. The greatest effects were found for music used during training”.

Did You Know: Coconut And Apricot Oil Are Best Moisturizers


Moisturizers are a must-have for winters. The market is flooded with a variety of options; however coconut and apricot oil are considered the most effective options. Most of the moisturizers contain lots of water, perfumes and added chemicals which feel like skin is moisturized but as soon as water dries; your skin becomes dry again. To avoid dry skin, use coconut oil for the body and drink lots of water to keep body hydrated.

River Island Crew Neck Full Sleeve Fox Print Sweater Review

Hey guyz, I’m back with a new post on review. If you’re feeling extra daring this season, why not try combining the prints on your knitwear. Today, I’m going to review a crew neck full sleeve fox printed sweater from River Island.


This navy blue colored chunky sweater is designed for men who believe in casual and comfortable dressing style. Made from cotton rich fabric, this sweater is fine in quality and soft against your skin. It carries fox print all around the sweater.

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