Month: November 2014

Did You Know: Sweating Increases Weight Loss Is A Myth


If you think winters is a speed bump to your weight loss regime because you don’t sweat enough in winters, here’s some good news. It is not! “Winter is the best season to lose weight”. To lose weight, you need to burn fat by reducing caloric intake, exercising more, or a combination of both moderate eating and exercise. It does not really matter if you sweat or not, fat loss will anyway happen if you’re doing an early morning exercise.

Also, your body needs some water to burn fat. When you sweat too much, you release enough water from the body making it to adjust first for its dehydration by retaining water.

Did You Know: Frequent Access To Emails And Smartphones Could Be Hazardous To Health


Turn off your smartphone on schedule. People who stop reading emails and checking their phone at a set time each evening sleep better than those who don’t put limits in place, according to a Northern Illinois University study. There are further researches which show that if people know you are busy, they will leave you alone. If we email someone back immediately, the message it sends is we are available all the time. You need to put a deadline which will help you detaching from the work psychologically.

Fashion Trend: Bird Printed Shirts and Tees

Nothing gives you the adorable feel than prints. The bold pattern on your shirts and tees generate plenty of visual interest and reveal that you don’t mind having fun.

Basic rule to follow is to dress them by keeping the other half neutral. The louder bird prints on your tees can give you a company when you’re out holidaying. The inspiration behind this design was meant to replicate what birds look like when they fly. As a human, we dream of the liberty that having wings would bring.



Danish label Minimum Clothing Bird Printed Tees



Did You Know: Sleeping on Your Stomach Is Bad For Your Eyes


An Australian review concluded that sleeping on your stomach can increase eye fluid pressure, which can raise glaucoma risk and worsen nearsightedness. Further, glaucoma can cause partial vision loss, with blindness as a possible eventual outcome. Over time, you may develop other disorders like pain and tension in the muscles of your face, headache and postural abnormalities like lower back pain. Constant pressure on your jaws will deteriorate your teeth as well. The best is to sleep on your back and right.

Did You Know: Coffee Is Good For Your Skin


So, you know coffee is good for you. Here is a secret which you don’t know…Coffee is good for your skin too. Coffee is an antioxidant which means it is known for rejuvenating your aging skin cells, making your skin fresh, young and energized instantly. It also increases the blood circulation in your skin which gives a natural and healthy glow to your face. Coffee bean extract also protects your face from harmful UV radiation as well.

November 1st Week Outfit

Well, this is my first outfit post. I’m bit lazy taking my own pictures. Today, I’ve given off time to write my first post on it. The inspiration came from one of my friends who advised me to post about OOTD recently. smile

On friday, I joined the brand Superdry. Brand has started in 2003 and after that its stocks rocketed high and it became most successful brand. I’m wearing Superdry classic men’s workwear crew neck t-shirt with a ‘Superdry Union Workwear Supplies’ logo on it. Along with that, I own a black skinny jeans from Zara. I always find difficulty in selecting jeans, as they always seem to never feel quite right. I decided to visit one of the Zara store and trying on their jeans was the best things I’ve ever done. The fit is just perfect for me laugh